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Cilly Krcmar
Yoga Teacher

From one project in Europe to another project in the US, sometimes without a break in between. For Cilly this is only possible, because she takes time for herself to breath consciously and listen to her body. What started out as an occasional way to relax, became a part of her life that she enjoys sharing with others.

Due to her job as a consultant she exactly knows how exhausting the daily office job is and how it can affect the body mentally and physically. To remain mentally and physically healthy, it is important to treat your body mindfully. This also means to listen into your body during the asana practice and to only go as far as your body allows you to.

According to Cilly's view Yoga should be a constant companion of life. This is why she completed her teacher training for children and further education in yoga for seniors after her 200 hour vinyasa teacher training to be able to offer yoga holistically.

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