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Marcus Wiedamann Torrez
Yoga Teacher and Special Education Teacher

Anni loves the variety that yoga has to offer. She enjoys asanas that challenge the body physically as much as asanas that seem unspectacular at first sight but have their appeal in the detail. This interaction can be found in her yoga lessons. 

For Anni, on a deep spiritual level, yoga is the access to her true essence. The trains of thought become slower, come to rest and clear up. Thus her yoga practice gives her answers to her questions and accompanies her on her way - closer to her inner self. 

This is why she weaves topics that move her in her daily life into her yoga lessons. She is always curious about the unknown, the uncertain, the adventure - what is for sure in a world in which everything changes within a second. Do not take things too seriously and just do them.

She wants to pass on what yoga means to her to support people to listen to their inner voice, to perceive their desires and to align their life accordingly.

Learn more about Anni on her webpage

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